With increasing cash reserves and a stagnant economy, firms are looking for alternatives to M&A for excess cash, including returning capital to shareholders by way of repurchase, dividend and debt reduction.

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According to the Thomson Reuters fourth annual Outlook for Investment Banking Services Survey, as valuations continue rising in the Americas, firms are becoming less interested in using cash for M&A transactions, with 36% of respondents believing firms will continue building cash reserves, up from 25% last year. Of those surveyed, 33% cited repurchasing shares as a top priority for 2013 (versus 27% for 2012) and 32% cited distributing cash via dividends as a top priority for the year (versus 24% for 2012).

Just last week AuRico Gold Inc., acting on the increased demand from influential investors in gold companies for dividends, announced that it would use much of the $750 million it received from the sale of a Mexican mine to return proceeds back to shareholders rather than looking for an M&A opportunity. Aurico’s stock jumped 21% on the day of the announcement and has increased by 4% since then.

Despite some movement towards alternative uses of cash, M&A forecasts overall for 2013 show a 12% improvement over 2012, matching 2011 with $2.4 trillion with of deals, led by activity in the healthcare industry. Areas of high activity are expected to be Latin America, Western Europe and developed Asia.