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Some Things Change, Some Things Stay the Same: 2023 Investment Canada Act Thresholds Increase, Competition Act Thresholds Remain the Same

The threshold for certain pre-closing net benefit reviews under the Investment Canada Act (ICA) and the threshold for a pre-closing merger notification under the Competition Act have been updated for 2023. For the second year in a row, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development has announced that the threshold for pre-closing merger notifications … Continue reading

Timely, or too soon? Competition Bureau releases guidance on “failing firm” claims in merger reviews

On April 29, in a rare decision based on the “failing firm” rationale, the Competition Bureau announced it would not challenge the acquisition of Total Metal Recovery (TMR) Inc. by American Iron & Metal Company Inc. (AIM), because TMR would have likely exited the market without the merger. The Bureau released a detailed position statement … Continue reading