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Blockchain technology: an imminent driver of investment and M&A

Blockchain technology has been making headlines since it emerged in 2009 in connection with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. We’ve covered the potential use of Bitcoin in M&A transactions in previous articles in 2016 and 2014. As discussed in these articles, the volatility and lack of central authority has so far meant that the cryptocurrency plays a … Continue reading

Bitcoin update: cryptocurrency remains rare in M&A transactions despite potential

Bitcoin remains a fringe currency in the context of M&A transactions. Despite some notable advantages over fiat currency, the risks associated with funding a large transaction using the cryptocurrency have limited its use to deals between players in the Bitcoin space. This article provides an update to our previous article on Bitcoin’s viability as a … Continue reading

Bitcoin: a future currency for M&A transactions?

On December 24, 2013 Blockchain.info announced its acquisition of ZeroBlock, a cash transaction conducted entirely using digital currency, bitcoin. Bitcoin is both a network enabling a new payment system as well as a digital currency that is exchanged through the network. It uses cryptography to control the creation and exchange of the currency, rather than … Continue reading