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Adding value through tech deals

A new report by BCG asks the question of whether wading into tech deals can add value to companies. Based on BCG’s analysis of 37,000 tech acquisitions, the returns from such deals are mixed: about half generate positive returns for acquirers. This is the case regardless of whether the buyer itself is in the tech … Continue reading

The growing pains of M&A

There is a hypothesis in certain circles that acquisition-based growth is more often than not deleterious to shareholder value. The hypothesis is gaining popularity, but is perhaps misunderstood. Last month, the Boston Consulting Group released its 2015 M&A report (the Report) which challenges that hypothesis and supports the argument that companies can in fact achieve … Continue reading

Asset divestitures: a transaction form that is gaining traction

A recent report put out by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) indicates that companies are increasingly turning to asset divestures as a means of enhancing shareholder value. According to the report, divestitures have been steadily accounting for an increased share of total M&A activity in recent years, reaching a high of 48% of total global … Continue reading

M&A in the insurance industry

Mergers and acquisitions in the insurance industry are a big deal. Insurance companies range from small, regional private companies to large, international publicly-traded corporations with market capitalizations in the billions of dollars. When two companies decide to merge, or one company purchases part of another company, transactions can reach multi-billion dollar levels. In a fiercely … Continue reading