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eSports: a new MVP for real estate?

As we have previously discussed, the eSports industry has garnered immense popularity and is projected to grow considerably. While this projected growth may present new targets for acquisitions, partnerships, sponsorships and the like, it may also create new real estate opportunities – specifically, in the form of eSports stadiums and arenas. Although likened to traditional sports stadiums and arenas, the infrastructure, facilities and amenities of their eSports counterparts will be quite different. Most notably, these venues will be constructed with an emphasis on the “fan experience” and technology. The eSports stadiums and arenas already in operation throughout the … Continue Reading

Technology and creativity: keys to unlocking real estate?

With increasing globalization, shifting demographics and advancing technologies, just to name a few, society is changing rapidly. These changes, as reflected by evolving tastes, preferences and needs, influence both how and where people live and work. As part of their joint publication, Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2019 (the Report), PwC and the Urban Land Institute forecast that in response to mounting pressure on the Canadian real estate industry (the Industry) to confront these changes, we may begin to see Industry players increasingly embrace both technology and creativity.

Smart technologies may help the Industry adapt to a changing

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Lease considerations in the M&A context

In the wake of a series of announcements regarding the closure of the operations of several Canadian retailers as well as the withdrawal of US retailers from the Canadian market, questions are being asked regarding the potential impact on the landlords of the numerous store locations affected. This is not surprising given that a retailer’s entry into or expansion strategy within Canada routinely involves the assumption of various existing leases. The consequences of the recent closure announcements will, no doubt, be felt across the Canadian commercial real estate market and retail scene for years to come, as landlords scramble to … Continue Reading

Real estate and M&A: forecasts, drivers and roadblocks

RR Donnelly has released the October edition of its Venue Market Spotlight, entitled Real Estate and M&A. The report, a summary of a survey of experts, speaks to what we can expect in terms of real estate-related M&A in the next 12 months. Experts predict an increase in activity, and this legal update will highlight some of the discussions outlined in the report, including forecasts, drivers, and potential roadblocks.


An overwhelming majority of the experts surveyed predict an increase in global real estate M&A levels in the coming year. While some experts see this increase coming through the … Continue Reading