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Trends in U.S. post-deal litigation

As we reported in 2014, United States post-deal litigation became more of a rule than an exception in the early-to-mid 2010s, with over 95% of M&A transactions attracting litigation. In many cases, a single deal could result in multiple suits distributed across state jurisdictions. The majority of these actions were “disclosure-only”, aimed at prompting the … Continue reading

Delaware North? The (potential) rise of appraisal litigation in Canada

Under Delaware law and most Canadian corporate statutes, a shareholder who votes against a fundamental transaction—such as a going-private transaction or a sale of all or substantially all of the corporation’s assets—is entitled to object to the consideration offered and in turn require payment of the “fair value” of his, her or its shares as … Continue reading

Webinar – M&A in 2014: recent M&A cases

Virtually every public company transaction is subject to shareholder litigation. While historically many such suits were resolved through disclosure-only settlements, courts are increasingly likely to scrutinize and, in some cases, reject such settlements. Further, the Delaware courts have awarded significant damages and attorneys’ fees in several recent high-profile cases, and claims involving certain conflicts of … Continue reading