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North American M&A decline in 2016

As has been discussed previously, M&A activity in North America declined in 2016 as compared to 2015. A recent survey published by Toppan Vite and MergerMarket of 25 top US-based dealmakers regarding North American M&A in 2016 delves further into the reasons for this decline.

Roughly half of the respondents to the survey believed that the M&A market underperformed in 2016 and mainly attributed the decrease in North American M&A activity to the US presidential election, the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union (Brexit), the political turmoil in Russia and Ukraine and depressed oil prices. … Continue Reading

Currency fluctuations and M&A

coins680x220In recent report entitled Dealing with exchange rates – Currency fluctuation and M&A, Toppan Vite, in partnership with MergerMarket, examined the effect that currency events – both short term and long term – have on M&A activity. In the report, various experts weigh in on: (i) how currency shocks, such as the unpegging of the Swiss Franc from the Euro, impact M&A activity; (ii)  how long term currency trends, such as the appreciation of the US dollar over the Euro, impact M&A activity; (iii) which geographic regions present the best M&A opportunities given current differences in currency strength; and … Continue Reading